Exploring 5 Inland Lakes Near Holland Centre


Just a few minutes off Highway 10 in Holland Centre/Chatsworth, Ontario, you’ll have the opportunity to explore not just one but five of the over 100 inland lakes in Grey & Bruce counties: Mud Lake, Connell’s Lake, Hines Lake, Robson Lake, and the smallest of them all, Clarke’s Lake! 


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On Sideroad 30, there’s a bridge and a small boat launch. The only lake you’ll be able to access with a small boat will be Hines. If you’re in a canoe or kayak or on a paddleboard like I was, you’re in luck! At the southwest point of Hines, you’ll find a little passage connecting to Robson. It’s stunning! It was rather windy, so regrettably, I didn’t venture to the other side of Robson Lake to see Clarke’s Lake.  


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While on the lake, I had the opportunity to see people kayaking, smallmouth bass roaming about, green and purple herons flying to and fro, a muskrat carrying grass across the water(??), and hundreds of dragonflies! 


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Muskrat Grey Bruce


On the way out, I was fortunate enough to see this great turtle who made it safely across the road! 


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Take some time to explore these five great inland lakes and the other hidden gems that Grey & Bruce counties have to offer!


-Mike Seiler


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