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The Tobermory Real Estate market has remained strong throughout 2020 and 2021.   We expect the 2022 market to remain strong, but expect prices to stabilize.  If you're considering homes for sale in the Tobermory area, please Contact Us.

With its crystal clear waters reveling shipwrecks, their National Parks, and surrounded by the Niagara Escarpment, Tobermory is a beautiful spot year round offering a vacation lifestyle.

Tobermory: Don't Just Vacation Here, LIVE Here!

If you're looking for the perfect place to live and vacation, look no further than Tobermory! This charming town is located on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. It's known for its beautiful scenery, crystal-clear waters, and friendly locals. Whether you're a nature lover or an outdoor enthusiast, Tobermory has something to offer everyone.

Real Estate Professionals who know the market and the area

Over the past five years, Tobermory has become a hotspot to vacation and live! Real estate prices have more than doubled from 2017-2021, so the market is hot! Century 21® has a wide variety of properties available in Tobermory, so they can find the perfect one for you. This small town has a limited market and our professional realtors will make sure you have access to all the available MLS listings right away.

Tobermory: A Tourist Town

The summers in town are bustling with activity as there is so much to do:

-The Tobermory Harbour and Little Tub Harbour are both popular spots for boating, fishing, swimming and more!

-You can also take a glass-bottom boat tour to view shipwrecks or explore the surrounding islands by kayak.

-Festivals like "Toberfest" are hosted where local businesses host events and activities for the community to enjoy.

If you're looking for a place to call home, Tobermory is definitely worth considering! It's an ideal location to raise a family and enjoy all that nature has to offer. 

Tobermory Real Estate

Searching for Tobermory Waterfront Properties?

With Georgian Bay to the north of Tobermory, and In-Land Lakes in every direction, there are always options when searching for Waterfront Homes in the Tobermory Area!

Searching for Tobermory Bungalows?

With the amenities in Tobermory Grey Bruce, living and retiring in Tobermory is a great option!  Search the MLS Listings Below to Find Bungalows For Sale in the Tobermory Area!

Tobermory Real Estate Agent

Our Realtors® live locally.  If you're looking for a listing agent, our real estate agents are the best in class!

Searching for Tobermory Investment Properties?

With real estate prices reasonable compared to other larger cities, and a short supply of rentals, Tobermory is a good place to invest in multi-family dwellings.  Investment Properties in the Tobermory Area!

Searching for Tobermory Condos?

Low-maintenance condominium living is a draw for many! Tobermory has a number of older and new condos.  Condos For Sale in the Tobermory Area!

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Searching for Tobermory Farms or Land?

Whether you're looking for a Hobby Farm or a Lot to build in Tobermory, you can use the search below.   Currently, vacant land is a fairly hot commodity, so finding Land For Sale in Tobermory can be a bit of a challenge!  Try expanding your search to find Farms and Land For Sale in Grey Bruce.

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