Grey & Bruce Inland Lakes

Grey & Bruce has over 100 Inland Lakes.  Many of these lakes are terrific for swimming, fishing & boating.

Northern Bruce Peninsula Inland Lakes

Lower Andrew Lake, Bartley Lake, Britain Lake, George Lake, Scugog Lake, West Little Lake, Upper Andrew Lake, Lymburner Lake, Conley Lake, Emmett Lake, Ague Lake, Otter Lake, Quenlin Lake, Rowes Lake, Marley Lake, Umbrella Lake, Miller Lake, Cameron Lake, Barney Lake, Moore Lake, Little Lake, Cyprus Lake, Loon Lake, Warder Lake, Horse Lake, Ira Lake, Marr Lake, Gillies Lake.

West Grey Inland Lakes

Bell’s Lake, Townsend Lake, Louise Lake, North Louise Lake, Binns Lake, Boyd Lake, Copps Lake, Habermehl Lake, Westfall’s Lake, McLean Lake, McCormick Lake, Tobermory Lake, Farden Lake, Cerley’s Lake, Moss Lake, Black Lake.

Chatsworth Inland Lakes

Williams Lake, Mud Lake, Connell’s Lake, Hine’s Lake, Robson Lake, McCullough Lake, Stewart Lakes, Brotske Lake, Harrison Lake, Mountain Lake, Negro Lakes, Anderson Lake, Walker Lake.

South Bruce Peninsula Inland Lakes

Beattie Lake, Sky Lake, Berford Lake, Big Mud Lake, North Hodgins Lake, Hodgins Lake, Isaac Lake, Chesley Lake, Gould Lake, Silver Lake, Carson Lake.

Georgian Bluffs Inland Lakes

Gleason Lake, Lake Charles, Mary Lake, Gowan Lake, Scale Lake, Mountain Lake, Shepherd Lake, Bass Lake, Townline Lake.

Grey Highlands Inland Lakes

Duncan Lake, Brewster’s Lake, Eugenia Lake, Wilcox Lake, Lake Glista, Gillies Lake, Turner Lake, Irish Lake.

Brockton Inland Lakes

Lake Rosalind, Marl Lake, Ruhl Lake, Cunningham Lake, Pearl Lake, Dankert Lake, Schmidt Lake, Bester Lake, Meyer Lake.

Meaford Inland Lakes

Mountain Lake, McGill Lake, Young’s Lake, Marshall’s Lake.

Huron-Kinloss Inland Lakes

Silver Lake, Clam Lake, Wraith’s Lake, Purvis Lake.


Arran Lake

Blue Mountains

Beaver River - Mill Pond

South Bruce

McGlinn Lake

Lake Eugenia

Lake Eugenia is Grey County’s largest inland lake and is located beside the town of Eugenia. It offers boating, fishing, swimming, a public beach with a roped-off swimming area, two public boat launches, and plenty of parking. Homeowners are represented by the Lake Eugenia Property Owners Association.


  • Size: 1800 acres
  • Depth: Average mean depth is under 5’. A small portion of the lake near the dam is over 30’.
  • Fish type: rock bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass, perch, sunfish, bullhead catfish, trout
  • Water source: Beaver River
  • Natural/human-made: human-made lake
  • Boating: Motorized boats are permitted, but speed boats must stay 30 metres away from shore. Lake regulations are enforced by the Ontario Provincial Police. 
  • Access: Eugenia Boat Launch
  • Municipality: Grey Highlands

Miller Lake

Miller Lake is a warm and calm Bruce Peninsula lake located halfway between Lion’s Head and Tobermory. The lake offers swimming, fishing, boating, sailing, and windsurfing. Homeowners are represented by the Miller Lake Community Group. The lake community also includes Miller's Family Camp, which offers waterfront cottages, treed campsites, boat rentals, and swimming at their sandy beach.


  • Size: 785 acres
  • Depth: 27’ max depth
  • Fish type: largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye, pickerel, perch, rock bass, sunfish
  • Boating: motorized boats are permitted; sailing, windsurfing
  • Municipality: Northern Bruce Peninsula

Gillies Lake

Gillies Lake is a Bruce Peninsula lake located 30 minutes south of Tobermory. The lake community includes Mountain Trout Camp, which offers cottage/cabin and trailer rentals, overnight tent/RV camping and seasonal camping, a beach for swimming, a shallow wading area with kids' water slide, two children's playgrounds, sports fields and games tent, free children's bicycles, and boat rentals.


  • Size: 505 acres
  • Depth: 112’ max depth
  • Fish type: trout, bass, rock bass, herring, perch
  • Water source: spring-fed
  • Boating: motorized boats are permitted; boat rentals available at Mountain Trout Camp
  • Access: private boat launch at Mountain Trout Camp
  • Municipality: Northern Bruce Peninsula

Chesley Lake

This Bruce County lake is located northwest of Allenford. Boating, swimming, and fishing are popular activities, and the lake is stocked with pickerel. Homeowners are represented by the Chesley Lake Cottage Association, and the lake community includes Chesley Lake Camp (with restaurant, general store, and boat gas station), a nine-hole golf course, and tennis courts.


  • Size: 500 acres
  • Depth: 50’
  • Fish type: pickerel, pike, bass
  • Boating: motorized boats are permitted
  • Access: Chesley Lake Camp
  • Municipality: Town of South Bruce Peninsula

Cameron Lake

Cameron Lake is a Northern Bruce Peninsula lake located just south of Tobermory. The lake is clean, clear, and much warmer than Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. The lake community includes Cedar Grove Cottages family resort, which offers cottage and boat rentals including canoes, solo and tandem kayaks, paddle boats, and motorized fishing boats. 


  • Size: 390 acres
  • Depth: 49’ max depth
  • Fish type: northern pike, yellow perch, catfish, crappie, drum
  • Water source: spring-fed
  • Boating: motorized boats are permitted; boat rentals available from Cedar Grove Cottages
  • Municipality: Northern Bruce Peninsula

Arran Lake

Arran Lake is a Bruce County lake located southwest of Allenford. Swimming and fishing are popular activities. The Arran Lake Conservation Area offers a sand beach and a boat launch (by donation). The Arran Lake RV Resort and Campground offers over 170 campsites for seasonal or overnight stays, paddleboat rentals, organized children’s activities, and RV vacation rentals and home sales.

  • Fish type: northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass
  • Municipality: Arran-Elderslie

Williams Lake

This Grey County lake is clover-shaped and located between Holland Centre and Williamsford. The lake is aqua-coloured and features a public beach, a boat launch, and is great for fishing.


  • Size: 148 acres
  • Fish type: large and smallmouth bass, perch, panfish, brook trout
  • Water source: spring-fed
  • Access: south side of the lake
  • Municipality: Chatsworth

McCullough Lake

McCullough Lake is a Grey County lake located close to the village of Williamsford and includes a fish and wildlife sanctuary.

  • Size: 145 acres
  • Depth: 55’ max depth
  • Fish type: largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike, chinook salmon, yellow perch, pumpkinseed
  • Boating: motorized boats are permitted
  • Access: west side of the lake
  • Municipality: Chatsworth

Irish Lake

Irish Lake is a Grey County lake located halfway between Priceville and Markdale. It’s one of the few lakes in Ontario stocked with rainbow trout.

  • Size: 65 acres
  • Depth: max 20’
  • Fish type: brook trout, rock bass, pumpkinseed, smallmouth bass
  • Boating: non-motorized boats only
  • Access: from the road at a small public access point at the southwest corner of the lake
  • Municipality: Grey Highlands

Wilcox Lake

Wilcox Lake is a Grey County lake located just south of Flesherton. The lake is great for swimming and is stocked with rainbow trout.


  • Fish type: rainbow trout, bass
  • Boating: non-motorized boats only
  • Access: from the road
  • Municipality: Grey Highlands

Townsend Lake

This is a small Grey County lake located west of Markdale. It offers swimming, boating, and fishing.


  • Size: 97 acres
  • Depth: 8’
  • Fish type: perch, 
  • Boating: non-motorized boats only
  • Access: south side of the lake
  • Municipality: West Grey

Robson Lake

Located just northeast of Holland Centre, Robson Lake is connected  to nearby Clarke's Lake, Hines Lake, Connell's Lake, and Mud Lake. These lakes offer boating and fishing opportunities. Read our "Exploring 5 Inland Lakes Near Holland Centre" blog post about this lake to learn more about this hidden gem and see some beautiful photos!

  • Fish types: northern pike and smallmouth bass
  • Municipality: Chatsworth

Gould Lake

This is a Bruce County lake located north of Highway 21 and Chesley Lake. It offers swimming, boating, and fishing. Read our "Exploring Gould Lake" blog post for information and photos of this lake!

  • Fish type: pike and bass
  • Boating: motorized boats are permitted
  • Access: $10 boat-launching fee
  • Municipality: South Bruce Peninsula

Lake Charles

Lake Charles is a lake in Grey County and has an elevation of 240 metres. Lake Charles is situated south of Gleason Lake, and northwest of Mary Lake.

Beattie Lake

Beattie Lake is a lake in Ontario and has an elevation of 190 metres. Beattie Lake is situated northwest of Sky Lake, and northeast of Tyson Island (pulo).

  • Fish Type: Large Mouth Bass
  • Municipality: South Bruce Peninsula

Carson Lake

Carson Lake is located in Zone 15 (Muskoka) Region, Ontario, Canada. The size of Carson Lake is 259.6ha (which is equivalent to 642ac or 2.6sqkm) and the coordinates are 45.5136, -77.7600.

  • Fish Type: Largemouth Bass, Lake Trout, and Rock Bass.
  • Boating: No boat launches
  • Municipality: South Bruce Peninsula

Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake is a lake in Grey County and has an elevation of 233 metres. Mountain Lake is clear, cold and deep. It receives less fishing pressure than some of the other nearby lakes. Mountain Lake is situated southeast of The Claybanks.

  • Fish Type: Smallmouth Bass & Walleye
  • Boating: One Boat Launch
  • Municipality: Meaford



Ruhl Lake

Ruhl Lake is a lake in the township municipality of Brockton, Bruce County in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is in the Lake Huron drainage basin and is the source of Ruhl Creek. The lake has an area of 2.97 hectares and lies at an elevation of 277 metres.

  • Fish Type : Small Mouth Bass, Northern Pike and Large Mouth Bass
  • Municipality: Brockton


Bells Lake

Bells Lake is a remote but beautiful property owned by Saugeen Conservation. Bells Lake is located in Zone 16 (Southwestern Ontario) Region, Ontario, Canada. The size of Bells Lake is 84.9ha (which is equivalent to 210ac or 849072sqm ) and the coordinates are 44.3210, -80.7363.

  • Fish Type: Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Brook Trout
  • Boating: No boat launches
  • Municipality: West Grey