Is Owen Sound A Nice Place To Live?

No, it's not! The beautiful city of Owen Sound is a fabulous place to live! Our beautiful community with its endearing historic charm, winding rivers, and the Stunning Bruce Trail makes it a perfect place for kids and retirement!

What Is Owen Sound Known For?

Owen Sound is known for its beautiful scenery. It is located on the shores of Georgian Bay, and it has a lot of green space and parks. The city also has a vibrant arts scene, with many galleries and theatres.

When you ask locals what they love most about this scenic city they'll likely say Georgian Bay, Kelso Beach, Harrison Park, Inglis Falls and our Magnificent Harbour.

Outside of our historic downtown, our tree-lined streets and idyllic community you'll find a modern society with a modern healthcare system. The City of Owen Sound is focused on modern technology, strong economic development and community development.

The beautiful city of Owen Sound is also close to Toronto, which makes it a convenient place to live if you work in the big city but want to avoid living there yourself.

Over the past several years we have seen a major influx of Torontonians who are buying homes and cottages with the goal to eventually retire in the 'scenic city'.

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City of Owen Sound

What are the pro's of living in Owen Sound?

The pros of living in Owen Sound include its friendly people, its scenic location, and its convenience to Toronto. We also have a low cost of living compared to other cities in Southern Ontario.

With a focus on cutting-edge technology including upgrades to the internet and infrastructure, residents can enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle while still being named among the more ambitious cities in Ontario.

Some of the services provided in the City of Owen Sound are a strong police force, fire services, and a resilient industrial workforce. This city with its beautiful community really is a perfect balance.

Owen Sound Harrison Park

What are the cons of living in Owen Sound?

Winter can be a bit harsh. We usually get about 145 cm of snow each year. I estimate that we're a degree or three colder than the GTA. IMO, if it's going to be cold, might as well have snow! But snow isn't for everyone.

One thing is for certain is that we know how to move the snow! In the deep of winter, our roads function properly as businesses and residents go about their busy lives.

Is Owen Sound a good place to retire?

Owen Sound Inglis Falls

We're a Southwestern Ontario City with a lot to offer to retirees. In addition to our modern healthcare system, and a short half hours drive to almost anything you can imagine. You won't run out of ideas for day trips in and around the City of Owen Sound.

So is Owen Sound a nice place to live? It depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a friendly community with beautiful scenery, then yes, Owen Sound is definitely a great place to live. Either way, you'll want to come for a visit! We have a colourful history and historic charm which you can discover at our local Grey Roots Museum.

A city motto where culture and lifestyle are #1? Yes, Please!

Some of the services provided in the City of Owen Sound are a strong police force, fire services, and a resilient industrial workforce. This city with its beautiful community really is a perfect balance.

Is Owen Sound growing?

Yes, we're growing! The population of the city has been steadily increasing in recent years, and there are a lot of new developments happening in the city.

This makes it a great place to live if you're looking for a growing community with lots of opportunities.

Owen Sound Marina

Is Owen Sound a good place to invest?

Yes, it's a great place to invest! The city has a strong industry and economy with a lot of opportunities for growth. There are also many new developments happening in the city, which makes it a great place to invest in real estate.

We're not just a great place to invest in real estate though!  When my family moved here almost a decade ago it was to provide my kids with a great community and a safe place to grow.  We haven't been let down!

The photo here is of the Georgian Shores Marina.  Located right beside Kelso Beach, this marina hosts the annual Salmon Spectacular.  Georgian Bay is a stunning body of water that many locals enjoy using.

Georgian Bay has several beaches for playing, docks for fishing, areas for sitting and viewing, and of course places to launch your boat, canoe or paddleboard!


Your heart is racing, and before you can even finish your thought, you say with a near shout, 1.5 Million!  Your cheeks almost immediately go flush, and you keep your eyes locked on the auctioneer.

The crowd falls silent as they turn their attention toward you.  Some murmers can be heard... '900 to 1.5?  Is he crazy?  It's over'

It seems like an eternity of silence before you hear the auctioneer again who tries to stir up more action... Going Once, Going Twice... SOLD!

To your amazement, you win the bid on the old mansion! 

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Meanwhile, some of the losing buyers are not so thrilled. They leave the property in a fit, grumbling about the high cost of the property and how they were outbid. Despite their disappointment, you are too elated to notice and instead focus on your new acquisition.

The celebration continues late into the night, with everyone toasting to your success and discussing the exciting future ahead for the Old Mansion. You are excited and eager to begin the next chapter of your life in Owen Sound.

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Is Owen Sound a good place to live?

Owen Sound is a city in the Southern Ontario province of Canada. It has a population of just over 21,000 people, and it is located on the shores of Georgian Bay in Grey County.

We're often called "The Friendly City" because we're a welcoming place with friendly people. It's our city motto.

If you're coming from the city, you'll notice the culture shift right away.

Real Estate Market

Whether you're looking for a waterfront property on Georgian Bay, or a nice piece of Farm on the outskirts of Owen Sound, you'll want to identify real estate professionals the work and live locally.

At Century 21 In-Studio Realty our Realtors live and breathe the culture and lifestyle. Come! Visit at your earliest convenience and we would be happy to give you a tour.

Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach Owen Sound

A Master Planned Community

Cobble Beach, is one of the area's premier waterfront developments. It offers residents beautiful views of Georgian Bay and an 18-hole golf course. If you're looking for a place to retire or invest in real estate, Cobble Beach is definitely worth considering.

Owen Sound Real Estate

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We also have a resource page dedicated to providing information about the city and community including school information, The Best Places to Eat in Owen Sound, etc!  Check it out Here!

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Written by: Mike Seiler, Broker of Record

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