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Centurion - Century 21 In-Studio Realty
Mike Seiler, Broker of Record
Mike Seiler, Broker of Record

After a very busy 2021, Century 21 In-Studio Realty is excited to have earned the very prestigious Centurion Office Award!

Starting out 2021 with approximately 14 agents, and ending the year with 34 World Class Realtors has made 2021 our fastest-growing year.

In addition, we added our 6th office to our roster with our Kincardine merger.

Our pursuit to become the #1 Real Estate Team in Grey Bruce requires us to recruit the Best Real Estate Agents in Grey Bruce.  Our mission is to train each of one our team members to become the Top Real Estate Agents in Bruce Grey.

I'm extremely proud of each of our Realtors® and below we recognize the Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Grey Bruce.*

Looking for the Best Real Estate Agents? I present to you,

Susan Moffat - Top Farm Real Estate Agent Grey Bruce
Susan Moffat, REALTOR®

Congratulations Susan on your amazing success in 2021!  Your kind heart, community involvement, and great work ethic have paid dividends.  You're the Top Farm Real Estate Agent and among the Best Real Estates Agent in Markdale. *

It's been incredible to watch you grow and thrive into the #WorldClassRealtor that you are.  You've earned every penny of it!

Double Centurion
Centurion Award
Mark Barbosa - Top Owen Sound Real Estate

Mark Barbosa, REALTOR®

Congratulations Mark.  You're an outstanding Realtor, Business Man, and Father.  It has been incredible to watch you grow your real estate business, crush your goals, and achieve this prestigious award!  This award puts you with the Best Real Estate Agents in Owen Sound. *

This Owen Sound Investor is in it, to win it! Congrats on forming the new 2022 Mark & Tim Real Estate Team!

Scott Saunders - Top Saugeen Shores Real Estate

Scott Saunders, BROKER®

Serving the Saugeen Shores area for decades under the Saugeen Team, this Top Real Estate Agent doesn't need any introduction.  Congratulations Scott you're among the very Best Real Estate Agents in Saugeen Shores. *

By many, you're considered to be the Best Real Estate Agent in Southampton!  Go Scott!  #yougotthis

The Finnie Team, Kincardine Real Estate

The Finnie Team, REALTORS®


The Finnie Team doesn't need any introduction.  Samuel Finnie, Heather Finnie and Brandon Finnie have been serving the Kincardine Real Estate Market for over 30 Years!  This family is a true light to the Kincardine Community and would be considered by many to be the Best Real Estate Agents in Kincardine!  You have earned this title under the Century 21 brand.

Tim Matthews, Top Owen Sound Real Estate Agent
Tim Matthews, BROKER®

Congratulations Tim on your continued success.  Whether helping people to buy homes or acting as a selling agent, you always provide World Class Service.  You're among the very Top Real Estate Agents in Owen Sound. *

Your pursuit of excellence through your training and certifications makes any client very privileged to have you as their real estate professional.

Shauna McApline - Top Real Estate in Grey Highlands
Shauna McAlpine, REALTOR®

Congratulations Shauna!  You have an amazing heart, and your clients absolutely love you for it!  You're among the Top Real Estate Agents in Grey Highlands. *

What a journey it has been!  I can't wait to see you crush your goals in 2022 with the Rob & Shauna Team!  

Andrew Kennedy - Top Real Estate Agent in Port Elgin
Andrew Kennedy, REALTOR®

Congratulations Mr. Kennedy.  You're truly a World Class Realtor.  It's been amazing watch you crush it, and exceed your goals each year! You're among the Top Real Estate Agents in Port Elgin. *

At the office, we refer to this easy-going, fun-loving Realtor as a Ninja.  Andrew is a great negotiator and knows how to build and maintain relationships.

*Under the Century 21 In-Studio Realty Brand.

Cindy Shanks - Top Owen Sound Real Estate Agent

Cindy Shanks, REALTOR®

Congratulations Cindy.  It has been an honour to have you as part of the team.  You are such an asset to all of us with your knowledge and experience.  You're among the Top Real Estate Agents in Owen Sound under the Century 21 Brand!

If you're looking for a professional who knows her stuff, you've got to call Cindy.  #worldclass

Ashley Gervais - Top Bruce Penisula Real Estate Agent

Ashley Gervais, REALTOR®

First Year Ash!  You absolutely crushed it!  I'm proud of you and look forward to seeing your continued growth and success in 2022!  You're among the Top Real Estate Agents in the Bruce Peninsula under the Century 21 brand!


Top 7 Tips to Get the Best Real Estate Agent

The search for the Best Real Estate Agents can be a daunting one, and it probably won't surprise you that there is no such thing as "the best" agent.  Buying and Selling Properties requires a professional who is not only familiar with the real estate transaction but one who has your best interests in mind.  Before you begin house hunting for your next family home, be sure your agent checks all the boxes. 

What might surprise you, though, are some of the things I've learned along my journey towards becoming a Top Real Estate Agent and helping to produce other High-Quality Top Real Estate Agents in Bruce Grey under the Century 21 In-Studio Realty brand.

Century 21 In-Studio Realty is a Real Estate Agency in Grey Bruce providing quality real estate services that help home buyers during the home buying process homeowners during the selling process.

Tips to Finding Buyer Real Estate Agents

The home buying process can be a daunting one. Don't let your dream home slip away from you for failing to ask Realtors® the right questions.

If you're purchasing Commercial Real Estate or Investment Properties, it's highly recommended that you seek estate agents with experience in Commercial Property Sales.

When searching for a great buyer's real estate agent, you may consider asking the following questions.

How many property transactions has the real estate agent completed in the past year?

The best estate agent for you may not always be the top agent! However, it would likely be in your best interests to find a real estate agent who has a fair amount of real estate deals under their belt.

When I say 'completed in the past year,' this implies that a real estate agent might have been practicing for the past decade, but they may not be up to par with the current market trends without current market knowledge.

Do they respond to my inquiries in a Timely Manner?

Especially in a seller's market, real estate agents must be super responsive. Being responsive doesn't mean that you should be expecting replies at midnight either!

Outside of business hours, it's vital to have expectations set ahead of time! If evenings or weekends are the only times that work for you to view a new property, then make sure you find a real estate agent that can accommodate your schedule.

Does my real estate agent have my best interest in mind?

Asking the right questions could distinguish between securing your dream home at the best price or losing it altogether.

The best real estate agents always put their clients first and will be patient when searching for that 'perfect property.'

This is an especially important question to ask if you're looking to buy your first home.

Does my real estate agent have Local Real Estate Experience?

The Grey Bruce has unique properties.  From waterfront properties to escarpment, wells and septics, it's important that your Realtor know how to protect you during the buying process.

As a buyer, whether you're looking for an investment property or your next dream home, allow our agents to help with your property search. We know the local real estate market.

Are they members of the Canadian Real Estate Association?

Being a member of CREA® means that you're not just working with a Real Estate agent, but a REALTOR®

Realtors have exclusive access to list your property on the MLS, Realtor.ca.

As Realtors we also have access to some of the best training and resources made available to Real Estate Professionals.

Tips to Finding the Best Listing Agent

As a seller, you'll want a real estate agent that is good at marketing properties, negotiating contracts and selling homes! Look out for some of the following during your search for a selling real estate agent.

A good selling agent should have a great real estate website!

When listing your home in the current real estate market, it's vital to have a real estate agent that understands marketing.

The best real estate agents should be straightforward to find online! View real estate agent websites as a way to interview them before the interview!

All real estate agent websites should contain a feed of multiple listings services (MLS) listing. Be sure to search websites for high-quality images, video tours, and other indications that real estate professionals take pride in their business and provide premium services to their Sellers!  Site visitors today expect an easy access website with all the information and contact details needed to arrange showings and to buy a property. 

A good selling agent should have a great marketing plan!

Do your best to understand the whole process.  Some agents will make fast promises. The best real estate agents will take the time to show you the process and have a detailed step-by-step marketing process on paper!

Professional staging and photography to real estate videography, should be part of the selling process.  Don't cut corners!

They list your home on other websites, including a featured listings section on their real estate website. On a side note, when your home or property appears on other sites, we don't have control over how they are displayed.

Other agents market your listing on their sites as a part of a reciprocity agreement with the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Verify their previous real estate transactions!

You'll want to ask what the average days on the market were and the sale price to listing price ratio. The best real estate agents should have this information available and ready.

If you're in the real estate market and want to learn more about how to get excellent service from your next real estate professional, keep on reading because here's what I discovered works today!

The tips below will help you identify real estate professionals who are great at all areas of the real estate deal.

Be careful of those offering a flat fee and discount commissions.

Everybody likes to save money, and nobody wants to leave money on the table. It can be tempting to work with a real estate agency offering multiple listing services at a flat fee, but you may end up compromising getting the best price for your home.

Organized real estate and Realtors® belong to a national association. Understandably real estate commissions may seem like a lot of money, and they are. The reality is that the real estate industry has a lot of overhead, including insurances, dues and fees.

We're considered a high-risk/high reward business.

Here are my Top 7 Tips to Get the Best Real Estate Agent

Tip 1 - Do Your Homework

One of the first steps in getting excellent results from any personal investment or purchase decision should always involve doing background research so that we don't wind up stuck with something entirely different than what we were expecting when our transaction is over. This is true of real estate deals too, and it's essential when you're searching for the Best Realtor®.

A Hard worker Realtor can have a significant impact on the quality of your overall experience!

If you've already dealt with Real Estate Agents before then, chances are pretty good that you know what to look for to find the right agent and get someone whose services will be worth both your time and money. There are plenty of online resources out there where you can find out everything about any given agent or broker, including their specialties and different areas they work in, so that you won't end up selecting the wrong agent.

The last thing anyone wants from doing their homework is feeling like something slipped through the cracks, so make sure to ask around and see if you can get some personal recommendations.

Tip #2 Check Credentials & Experience

It's essential to look at an agent's credentials and overall experience to get a sense of what they're like when working with clients. Are they members of any relevant organizations? How long have they been practicing real estate? Do they have any designations which show that they specialize in a particular area or type of transaction?

All of these questions are worth considering before making your final decision. You'll want someone who knows their stuff inside and out! A knowledgeable real estate agent will help ensure that things go smoothly throughout the entire process. It'll also give you a better idea of just who you're dealing with.

"Experience" doesn't always equal being the best, but it's worth keeping an eye out for!

Tip #3 Know What to Look For in Agents

When looking at different agents and brokers, I've learned that there are some things that can be helpful when determining whether or not they'll provide quality service. Does the real estate agent have local market knowledge? Are they good listeners? Do their answers make sense?

All these factors should come into play because real estate is more than simply buying property - what you learn from your previous experiences will determine how successful (or unsuccessful) every future transaction will be. You want someone who knows about market trends so that you don't end up overpaying for a property, and you'll also enjoy an agent who takes the time to understand your specific needs so that they can better serve you.

Tip #4 Get Referrals from Friends & Family

The chances are good that you already know someone who has gone through buying or selling a home before, so don't be afraid to ask them for help in finding a great real estate agent! People tend to trust referrals more than any other form of advertising, so this is often one of the best ways to find somebody who will be a perfect fit for what you're seeking.

This step obviously won't work if nobody in your network has ever used a Realtor before, but even then, it's worth checking online review websites or simply doing a Google search to see if any good agents come up.

Tip # 5 Use Online Resources

The beloved Google Search Bar! The Best Real Estate Agents like to be found! The internet can be a powerful tool for finding great real estate agents, but you need to use it in the right way! There are plenty of websites out there that allow you to compare different professionals to make an informed decision, which I highly recommend taking advantage of.

It will help you save time (which is always valuable), but it'll also give you a better sense of what's available in your area. Just be sure not to get bogged down in all the details, or you might wind up making decisions based on things that don't matter in the grand scheme.

Tip #6 Track Down the Best Real Estate Agents at Open Houses

Open Houses have declined in the Covid Era, but also since it has mainly been a Sellers Real Estate Market. Top Real Estate Agents will often use open houses as a way to market homes but also to find real estate buyers.

This has been true for the Toronto Real Estate market up to investment properties and homes for sale in the Grey Bruce Owen Sound. Some people might prefer to go into the process blind, but I've found that it's generally a good idea to get in touch with different agents before choosing one for your purchase or sale.

You don't want them talking you up or down about properties on the market, and sometimes this can be hard to avoid if all of your interactions happen through phone calls and emails! Instead, browse open houses so that you have time to sit down with real estate professionals face-to-face. Almost every broker also has someone who works under them (and they're usually happy to help), so this is also something worth keeping an eye out for when looking around town.

Tip #7 Talk to at Least Three Agents before Making a Decision

The following is probably the most important tip of all, and it's one you should take to heart. Don't simply sign up with the first agent who comes along - talk to a few different people, get their opinions on what's happening in the market, and find out how they would approach your specific situation. It might seem like a lot of work (especially if you're in a hurry), but this can severely impact your life, so it's worth taking the time to do it right.

There you have it - Seven tips for finding the best real estate agent possible! Follow these guidelines, and you'll be well to have a great experience.

Most real estate agents sell real estate and properties as a full-time career. 

Good luck on your real estate journey!

If you have any additional thoughts or suggestions of your own, I'd love to hear them. Just leave a comment below, and we can discuss!

Feel Free to set up a free account on our website here and receive notifications of new listings that come on the market. Our Owen Sound (head office) business hours are Monday-Friday 9-5.


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