Real Estate Advice 21 April 2021

10 Landscaping Ideas To Improve Your Home Value

Whether you’re planning to sell this spring or summer, or you would like to tackle a few projects over the coming years in preparation for the sale of your home, here are some tips and ideas to help you to make your home sell for more when that day comes. 

At the end of the day, what I always tell my clients is to enjoy themselves. Don’t get caught up in the “flipping homes” hype. Everything today is a reality TV show on how to make more money. You know the saying, “money can’t buy you happiness.”  

Watching those flowers bloom from your newly planted garden is sure to bring a smile to your face. 

  1. Lush Grass

I’m only one paragraph into this article, and I had to double-check the heading to make sure I didn’t imply “easy.”  Depending on where you live, this may be one of the most challenging landscaping tasks known to man. The only person to effectively master this is “Old Man Al” across the road and down a bit. His grass is always green!  

If you’re like me, you question if God even created what we know as front lawns today!?  Clearly, they were made just to take our money and to make us covet our neighbours’ lawns. I’m often tempted to get a fake green lawn. Perfectly green and never needs cutting is an idea I could get used to. My only hangup is during a drought, I’m afraid of looking funny with the only green lot on the street!  

Anyway, let’s just take a pause right here and go talk to Al! “Hey Al, how the heck do you always have a great-looking lawn?” After a hesitant pause, he disengages his hose. “Easy,” he says. “First, you’re going to want to test your soil.” Get that right, and you’re halfway there. Most lawns are deficient in nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium, which prevents weeds. After that, you can add some organic matter, seed in the fall, water… Well, you know the drill.” Al reaches into his housecoat pocket and hands you his grandson’s business card, which reads ‘Kyles landscaping.’ “Give him a call,” Al proclaims. “He’s affordable, and having him do some lawn maintenance a couple times a month will really go a long way to making sure your lawn is beautiful!”  

  1. Add A Rock (a big rock)

Here in the Grey & Bruce, we certainly don’t lack any rocks!  How exactly you go about getting a nice big beautiful rock from that farmer’s field to your front lawn is another story. And then, how you go about getting your house number engraved into the rock? You may just end up calling Hutten Landscaping or Ledgerock and leaving it to the professionals.

Don’t forget to add a nice rock garden around your fancy new rock for a low-maintenance landscaping accent that will look great for years to come! Did you know that you can buy fake rocks with house numbers in them!? As an added bonus, you can use these decorative rocks to cover well pipes and other unpleasant objects. 

Rock Garden Real Estate

  1. Plant A Tree

Check out these front yard favourites from HGTV with varieties ranging from Sun Valley Maples to Red Buckeyes and Lilacs:

If you’re going to plant a tree, you’re going to definitely want to think long-term. Think up and down! How big will the tree grow, and what kind of roots are going to set over the years. With roots, you’re going to want to be mindful of your plumbing and foundation!  Besides speaking with your local nursery greenhouse, take a trip around your neighbourhood and see if you can find a tree that you love! Be mindful of homes that have the same sun exposure as you do. Don’t be afraid to knock on the door and ask about it too.   

  1. Install an accent

From a cute little white picket fence to a fence made with some low-height dwarf shrubs or an accent made with some old cedar rails, you can really make your lawn look great. There’s no shortage of inspiration online for these accents or corner pieces. Simply Google “Accent Fence” or “Front Yard Accents,” click on the image tab, and voila!

  1. Add some concrete

Normally, I would think this was a difficult and expensive job until I had a friend help me build a walkway one summer. After digging out the path and prepping the ground with gravel, the truck backed in and dumped a yard or so of concrete. My friend had a float and a grover, and voila, I had a beautiful new walkway! 

  1. Build a raised bed garden for some herbs or vegetables

Raised bed gardens can make a wonderful accent to a backyard. Did I mention they look pretty cool!? 

  1. Lighting

From accent, garden and spotlights, to your wall sconce beside your front door.  Today’s LED and Solar options are bright, durable, and so much better than they used to be a few years ago!  

  1. Furniture and Decor

This one is great. Technically it’s not a loss since you get to take your furniture with you. Along with furniture, think about upgrading your mailbox, house numbers and even your front door! (These you’ve got to leave!)  

  1. Paint

Wait a minute. Is painting considered landscaping? Well, this might be a hard “maybe.”  At any rate, take a look around your landscaping at anything that is “painted.” Chances are, if it was painted once, it’ll likely benefit from a fresh new coat!  

  1. Add some hanging pots

Once you’ve finished building, sculpting, digging, moving, pruning, and fighting. Take a trip to the local greenhouse and pick up a couple hanging pots. My personal favourites are ferns which seem to need the least amount of maintenance.